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•Brocks Gap Training Center
BPCR Silhouette, 1st Saturday of every month. For more information contact Don Murphree at 205-337-3237 or e-mail:

•Alaska Rifle Club
BPCR, BPTR, Schuetzen and Long Range matches. For a complete schedule of events contact Somerset Jones at 907-688-6892. E-mail: cid1893@mtaonline. net

Ben Avery Range, NRA Mid-Range and Long-Range, BPCR Silhouette, and Lever-Action Silhouette monthly matches. 2014 Winter National American Creedmoor Cup- March 14-17.Ben Avery is the “Center” of black powder shooting in Arizona! For more information contact Steve Rhoades at 623-581-3624 evenings, or

Tucson Rifle Club
BPCR Silhouette: First Saturday every month. Southern AZ Sharpshooters. For more information contact the rifle club at 520-822-5189 or Ron Calderone at 520-885-0764 (evenings) or E-mail:

Benton Gun Club
NRA-Approved BPCR silhouette matches, 4th Saturday each month through October. Contact Harlan Glover (501-607-4341), Paul Montgomery at 501-605-7136 or www.

Avenal Gun Club
BPCR Silhouette: For more information contact Bob Goodner at 559-259-4937 e-mail: or Tom Patton at 805-550-8400. e-mail: monthly matches, January through December. Scope and Iron Sight classes. Don Rogers Memorial Match, Oct. 11-12. BPCR Monthly matches- second Saturday of the month. Anniversary match- November 8. Lever gun silhouette- second Sunday of the month except October. For more information contact Bob Goodner at 559-259-4937 e-mail: or Tom Patton at 805-550-8400 or e-mail:

Bishop Gun Club
BPCR Silhouette Matches: Fourth Saturday of each month. NRA-approved, 40-shot matches. Lever Action Silhouette, fourth Sunday of the month except May 18, NRA-approved. Gary Whinnery at 760-920-3051 or Jim Bridges at 360-872-3295.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center
BPCR Silhouette and Creedmoor Matches. Contact Bob Tarkenton at 209-373-7010 E-mail: or Pat Connon at

Pala Indian Reservation
San Diego County
North County Shootist Association Fall Regional Championships- Oct. 4-6th.
For more information call Harold at 760-727-9160, cell: 760-212-2808 or E-mail: ncsagraybeard@cox. net. Web page is Check for last minute changes or additional information.

•Byers Colorado Rifle Club
Schuetzen Matches: WSU rules, black powder rifles welcome! Contact Jack Odor at 970-867-8655 or

Black Powder Target Rifle Creedmoor Matches- BPTR Regional Aug. 24-25, 1000-yard Money Match- Aug. 23. Contact Eron Ahmer at 720-733-1057 or eron@

BPCR Silhouette: Held every 3rd Sunday of the month. 40 shots plus sighters. Contact Klaus at 970- 243-3827, e-mail or Jason Porter at 970-210-1928 or E-mail:

Golden Gun Club
NRA BPCR Silhouette: 1st Saturday of every month, weather permitting. Michael Rix at

•Mid-Atlantic Trapdoor Skirmishing-For more information contact- MATS@

Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club
NRA-approved BPCR Silhouette: 40-shot reduced target match, every first Sunday at 8AM. Contact Ben Bateman at 407-859-3504 or E-mail:

River Bend Gun Club -BPCR Silhouette Matches on the fourth Saturday of each month. NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Rules Apply. Call Jim or Doug Gazaway: phone:770-654-0942 e-mail: gaza3279@ Range info at under Buffalo Rifle

MGGOA BPCRS: (any powder) 3rd Sunday of each month. Swingers, NRA reduced size. For more information contact Bruce Hinson at 478-237-6043.

Cherokee Gun Club
.22 Silhouette matches at reduced NRA knock down targets on the second Saturday of each month. NRA rules apply. Call Charles Outler for more information at 770-480-4991 or E-mail: moutler@

Cedar Hills Gun Club
BPCR Silhouette Monthly Matches: Every third Saturday of the month. NRA membership recommended but not required. Current NRA rules apply. For more information contact Ron Weaver at 208-357-7742 or E-mail:

Black’s Creek Rifle Range
Ea Da How Long Rifles
NRA Silhouette Matches: Monthly matches every fourth Saturday of each month. 40-shot matches. For more information contact Kenny Durham at 208-939-2190 e-mail: or Jim Hinman at 208-841-3834 or e-mail:

•Soda Springs
Caribou County Shooting Club Rifle Range .22 Long Range Rifle Silhouette, fourth Saturday of the month. For information contact Vaughn Rasmussen at 208-847-3053.

Milan Rifle Club
Black Powder Target Rifle Mid-Range matches: For more information contact Jason Lewis at 618-203- 3945 or E-mail:

Reynolds Canyon Raiders
Northern Illinois Rifle & Pistol Club
Cowboy Action Matches (SASS affiliated). For more information contact Tony Short at 815-874- 8952, Bob Biermann at 815-964-8374 or E-mail:

The Prairie State Rangers
BPCR Silhouette every 4th Sat. and Sunday. NRA rules, sanctioned. Rimfire match on Saturdays between matches, for more information call Brad Smith at 217-821-2266.

•Camp Atterbury (Edinburg):
LRBPC and Muzzle Loader Shoots: Contact Pete Terpstra at 812-278-9194 or Steve Swallow at 317- 831-7828.

Miami BPCR Club
The Walter Cline Range
BPCR Silhouette matches. NRA rules apply. Walter Cline Range. Contact Mike Hoke at 812-662-6403 e-mail:

• Indianola
Coyote Gulch Range Long range, side matches, quick fire, cowboy clays. For more information call Steve Paul at 515-509-7292 or e-mail

•Garden City
Sand & Sage BPCRS Matches: For more information contact Joe Scott at 316-675-8239 or J.D. Perry at 316-375-2846.

Tappan Hill BPCR, Inc. BPCR matches: NRA rules, contact Kevin Griggs at or

BPCR, Inc.: NRA approved 40-shot silhouette matches the third full weekend of each month from March through October. For more information contact John Hart at 417-646-5563.

High Plains Long Rifles
BPCR Silhouette Matches. For more information call Mel Sauer, 785-432-5070.

Northeastern Kentucky Fish and Game Association
BPCR Silhouette Matches.For more information contact Robert Frame at 304-372-7517, Roger Weir at 304-429-2199 or John Marra (evenings) at 304-562-5812. Visit their website at and click on BPCR on the menu.

Capital City Rifle and Pistol Club
BPCR Buffalo Gong Shoot- October 13th. Contact Ron Vaillancourt at 207-622-7989 or E-mail:

•Blue Hill
Blue Hill Rifle & Pistol Club
BPCR gong shoots the last Saturday of June, July, August and September. State Championship in September. Club website at or contact Jerry Bishop at 207-843-5244 or E-mail:

BPCR and Slug Gun Shoots, paper targets at 100 and 200 yards. For more information call Mike at 207-637-2603.

Old Colony Sportsmen’s Association
Matches held on 20 consecutive Sundays beginning Nov.18. Contact Roy Piver at 508-378-2085 (evenings) EST.

Black Powder Target Rifle and Silhouette Matches.
Approved matches: Contact Fred Johnson e-mail: 734-426-8655 or Steve Decker e-mail: 810-724-1472.

BPTR Matches. Aug. 9-10 NRA Regional, Oct. 4-5 Cadillac 600 Mid-Range. Contact Bill Bruske at 231-326-3368 or email: or Ron Walters e-mail:

Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club Gong, Lever Gun, Long Range and Mid Range shoots. A complete schedule of events can be accessed at or for more information contact Dave Newell at 612-722-3466 E-mail:

•Redwood Falls
Redwood Regulators
Monthly 300-yard gong matches May thru August for pistol caliber lever, rifle caliber lever and buffalo single shot rifles. 800-yard gong shoots in May / June for buffalo single shot rifles. Call Steve Whittet at 507-641-3216 or E-mail:

BPCRS – 2nd weekend of each month, Feb. through Dec. Two day match Saturday Silhouette match and Sunday 30 shot Mid Range match. For more information contact Lee Burrow at 601-466-4246.

•St. Louis
Arnold Rifle & Pistol Club
Cowboy Action Match: For more information contact Sue Andrews at 573-358-7783.

•Wright City
St. Louis Benchrest Rifle Club
BPCR Silhouette Matches- BPCR Regional. For more information contact club hotline at 636-928-7094 and leave message or call Patrick O’Malley at 636-532-2993.

Yellowstone Rifle Club
Buffalo matches the 3rd Sunday of each month: August through May. For more information contact Bill Gloor at 406-652-6158.

Butte Gun Club, Rocker Range
BPCR Silhouette: For more information contact Mark Griffis at 406-539-4439 e-mail:

•Big Hill Buffalo Shoot
Lever Action, Revolver, .22 matches, Long Range Buffalo Matches. Quigley rules, scope class. For more information call Dale Schweigert 406-778-2371, Bud Strangford at 406-775-8875.

Medicine Rocks Buffalo Shoot- Sept. 6&7, Long Range BPCR Buffalo Gong Matches. Lever Action /.22 Rifle / Revolver Matches. Mark Meccage at 406-775-6705 or Brian Hickey 406-778-3239.

Forsyth Rifle & Pistol Club
Matthew Quigley Match- Father’s Day weekend.
Contact A. G. Lee at 406-356-7746.

Long Range Match (800-900-1000 yds.): 1st Saturday of each month- Brian Schwend: 406-346-7129

Cowboy Silhouette: 1st Sunday of each month: Elwynn Brunner 406-346-2668. 22 Silhouette: 2nd Saturday of each month: John Hartwick- 406-951-3374.

22 Silhouette: 2nd Saturday of each month: John Hartwick- 406-951-3374.

Buffalo Shoot: 2nd Sunday of each month: Dave Gamble-406-351-1265.

Pistol Matches: 3rd Saturday of each month: Glen Kapitzke- 406-853-6290.

BPCR Silhouette: 3rd Sunday of each month: Rick Smith 406-346-2315.

Muzzleloader Match: 4th Saturday of each month: Gary Campbell 406-351-1199.

Long Range .22: 4th Sunday of each month: Gary Campbell 406-356-2349.

Military Rifle Match: 5th Sunday of each month: Buz Coker 406-346-2763

Indoor .22 Gallery matches: 1st Monday in January-last Monday in March in the Masonic

Temple basement: Trent Pfaffinger 406-342-5408. For more information on all shoots contact A.G. Lee, PO Box 579, Forsyth, MT 59327 ph-406-356- 7746.

Valley County Rifle and Pistol Club
Schuetzen, Benchrest, Muzzle loader and .22 Matches. For more information contact Mike Otterberg at 406-367-5281.

Bitterroot Schuetzen Society
Schuetzen, Benchrest and .22 matches. For more information call Pat Bowland (any time, day or night) at 406-550-0923.

Livingston Rod and Gun Club
NRA-sanctioned BPCR Silhouette Matches. Call Tor Pedersen at 406-222-1320 for more information.

Hellgate Civilian Shooters, Deep Creek Range BPCR Silhouette. For more information contact John King 406-755-5352, or Dave Eichenlaub 406-363-2107,

•Virginia City
Buffalo Runners Club
Invitational BP Rifle Match. Sight In, Lever Gun and Pistol matches on the 1st and 2nd. Smokeless OK. For more information call Carmen D’Axtell at 406-842-5814.

Alliance Rifle Club
BPCR Buffalo Matches. For more information contact Jim Bourn at 308 760-4842 or e-mail: or Steve Lickliter at 308-762-3927 web: Jim Bourn at 308-760-4842Long Range Buffalo Match- June 1-2, Quigley Rules. Greg Simon at 605-845-2576 or Harlan Sage at 308-254-4860 e-mail Annual Sagebrush Buffalo Match, Quigley Rules, 225-1000 yards. Contact Harlan and Tiffany Sage for more information at 308-254-4860.

•Boulder City
Long Range Black Powder Buffalo Match:
30 miles east of Las Vegas in Boulder City. Contact Dennis Swoope at 702-293-2848 E-mail: jsbcnv@ Frank Dunks at 702-293-1297 or E-mail:

Cowboy Long Range matches: Contact Pat at 505-632-9647 or E-mail: / Leon 505-632-8743 or E-mail: Website: and

Whittington Center, NRA BPCR. Contact Whiitngton Center for more information at 575-445-3615

•New Mexico BPCR Club, Inc.
BPCR Matches: For more information contact: Fred Seybert at 505-896-1834.

•Whittington Center Gun Club
BPCR Silhouette. For monthly club matches contact Jerry Vanwey at 575-445-4414.

Wilton Rod & Gun Club
BPCS Shoots - 1st two Sundays monthly. For more information call Charlie Norton at Wilton R&G Club c/o Charlie Norton, 371 1/2 Maple Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Phone: 518-584-0614.

•Mays Landing
Cumberland Riflemen
BPCTR Mid-Range matches NRA registered, NRA target Rifle rules will apply. For more information contact Glenn Davis, phone: 609-226-6558 or e-mail: or Carl Leisinger e-mail: Club web site:

•North Carolina NMLRA Territorial Championship, Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Range. For more information contact Buck Buchanan 910-977-6200 or More details at

Rowan Wildlife Club
BPCR Matches, Steel and Paper Targets 100 & 200 yards. Contact Frank Phillips at 704-664-2997.

Amidon Black Powder Club
Long Range Black Powder Cartridge and Lever Action Shoots. Long Range BPC and Lever Action Shoot/Governor’s Cup Shoot. For more information contact Rocky Paulson at 701-523-523, L.K. Lorge at 701-879-6289 or Rocky Fritz at 701-575-4014.

BPCR Silhouette Matches: For more information contact Ken Heier at 701-255-0675.

Bismarck Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette Matches, NRA Rules Apply. For more information contact Ken Heier at 701-255-0675.

“Shootout At Peabody Pass”- For more information contact Merv and Kathy Coates at 701-523-5946 or check the website at www.shootoutatpeabodypass. org.

•Canal Fulton
Canal Fulton Ramrod Club
Slug gun and cartridge rifle matches, Richard Hicks Memorial. Contact Mark Barhill for more information at 419-368-4915.

Miami Rifle and Pistol Club
Mid-Range Black Powder Target Rifle Matches. Pre-Registration is appreciated. For more information contact Dave Munch at 513-474-6292 or E-mail:

Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club
BPCR Matches monthly. Contact Jack Withrow for more information at 918-794-4879 or E-mail:

•Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Gun Club
BPCR Silhouette on the 2nd Sunday of each month, March through October. Regional BPCR match- 2nd weekend of June. Call Joe Garcia for more information at 405-381-2470.

Cossa Range
Great Basin Sharpshooters
BPCR Buffalo gong matches, single shot or lever action rifles, lead bullets, no gas checks, period dress. For more information please call Rod Campuzano at 541-330-8802 or E-mail: or

•Millican Valley Sharpshooters
For more information contact Alex Huston, 16730 SE Bartell Rd., Boring, OR 97009. Ph.: 503-658-2663 or E-mail:

•Grants Pass
Josephine County Sportsman Park, I-5, exit 61 Jefferson State Sharpshooters BPCRS, BPCR Silhouette matches: RSVP required as things do change, range day use and match fees apply, camping available. For more information contact John Hudick at 541-472-8585 or E-mail:

Bowmanstown Rod & Gun Club
Black Powder Shoot: 2nd Sunday monthly Feb. thru Dec. BPCR at 75&100-yard paper targets. E-mail:

•McDonald Sportsmen’s Association
BPCR Silhouette Matches: NRA approved. Contact John Powers at P.O. Box 218 • New Brighton, PA 15066 Phone: 724-466-1714 or Mike Shamonski at 412-231-3617.

Ridgway Rifle Club
BPC Rifle Silhouette Matches. For more information contact Craig Duncan at 603-434-5796 or Monthly 3-Gun NRA Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette Matches. For more information contact Mark Holsopple 814-929-5826 e-mail:

NRA-approved BPCR Iron and Scope Matches, July 20, August 17, September 21, October 19. For more information contact Debra Lee Horvatter at or 304-876-6276.

Sage Brush Rifle & Pistol Club
BPCR Matches. South Dakota State BPCR Silhouette Championship- June 1-2. Contact Gregg Simon at 605-845-2576 E-mail: mr45110@abe.

12th Annual Ft. Randall Springfield Trapdoor Shoot. For more information contact Don Hubbard at 605- 384-3541 or Don Weichmann at 605-384-5308.

Gallatin Gun Club
.22 Long Range Silhouette, BPCR rules, 50-200 yards, Second Saturday of the month. Contact Ken Magness at 615-885-2412, 5-9 PM CST.

•Oak Ridge
ORSA Range
Long Range Muzzle Loading Rifle Matches. Spring Long Range Muzzle Loading Match- March 21-23. Contact Rick Weber, 902 Thurmer Circle, Lenoir City, TN 37772. Ph-865-986-5356 or e-mail: or

.22 Silhouette Match: 3rd Sunday of odd numbered months / 3rd Saturday of even numbered months.
.22 Prone Target Match: 4th Saturday of month. Contact Dwayne Peterson at 817-866-2418.

Ft. Chadbourne Silhouette Club: 40-shot approved BPCR matches every second Sunday. Contact Garry or Karen Jennings at 325-669-7609 or Ed Duncan at 254-725-6530.

BPCR silhouette matches, NRA sanctioned. For more information contact David Barnes at 254-765-3607 or Kenny Tebbe at 254-644-0484 E-mail:

•Columbus (Brune Ranch)
Yaupon Creek Silhouette Assn. & Texas State Rifle Assn.
BPCRS Monthly Matches: 2nd and 4th Saturday. Brune Ranch & Cattle Co. Contact “Texas Tom” Berwick • P.O. Box 1940 • Bellaire, TX 77401. Ph: 713-661-1076 or Don Abrams at 281-370-7255 or web:

Pecos Rifle and Pistol Club
West Of The Pecos Shootout- Oct 24-26. BPC rifles, military, lever guns, Borchardts, Martini, .375 or larger.
For more information contact- Cary Hannsz at 432- 210-6590 or Ed Curtis at 210-383-0865 (

Perryton Rifle & Pistol Club
BPCR: Every 4th Saturday starting in May. For more information call Bud at 806-355-1683.

Golden Spike Buffalo Range
Buffalo Matches, Buffalo Creedmoor Matches. For more information contact Denny Wilcox at 801-388-6188 e-mail: or

King George Shooting Association East Coast Long Range Black Powder Rifle Regional Championships: March 28-29. For more information contact James Morgan, Jr., 9305 Indiantown Rd., King George, VA 22485. Ph: 540-775-5204 E-mail:

Upper Nisqually Sportsmen’s Club BPCR Silhouette Matches: 2nd Sunday of each month. For more information call Steve or Beth Morris at 360-498-5258 E-mail: scmorris@

Poulsbo Sportsman’s Club
BPCR rifle match: 1st Sunday of each month / 40 shots at reduced steel silhouette targets / 3rd Saturday of the month .22 rim fire long-range silhouette match 40 shots at up to 200 yds. Both matches start at 0900. For more information contact Jerry Prouty at 360-649-5516 or Ron Harper E-mail:

Seattle Rifle & Pistol Club
Monthly target rifle matches. St eve Anderson at 425-879-4590 e-mail:

Spokane Rifle Club
Monthly BPTR Matches: match notices will be posted on the website by March 1st. For more information contact Larry Bassett at 509-327-9632 E-mail:

Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club
Single shot matches. For more information contact Bob Zimmerman at 253-939-9247. E-mail:

Tri-Cities Shooting Association, Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility Long Range BPTR matches. Contact John Hauptmann at (509)-308-9230 or Mountain Shooting FacilityMid-Range and Long Range NRA BPTR Matches February through September. Contact Bob Zimmerman at 253-939-9247.

Winnequah Gun Club
Black Powder Long Range Matches. For more information contact Cliff Gregg at 262-567-3168 or e-mail: Club website

Platte Valley Muzzle Loaders
Traditional Muzzle Loading Schuetzen Matches. Contact Bryan Youngberg at 307-266-9692 or e-mail:

SASS High Plains Regional. Contact Bill Capozella at 307-635-0490 e-mail: Rifle and Pistol ClubWyoming State .22 BPCR Championships-August 8-10. For more information contact Dick Hennebry at 307-421-7577.

Lander Valley Sportsmen’s Association
BPCR matches. For more information call Terry Steward at 307-332-5035.

Heart Mountain Rod & Gun Club
Long Range Gong Matches. For more information Contact Mike Lindsay at 307-754-9694.

Big Horn Basin Muzzleloaders
Buffalo and Schuetzen Matches-muzzle loading and cartridge.
Contact Mr. Youngberg at 307-377-9345.

Rawlins Shooting Complex.
Long Range Gong Matches: 700, 800, 900, and 1000 yards; 9 shots at each distance.
Blackpowder and smokeless classes. Contact James Terry at 307-324-2157

Worland Shooting Complex
BPCR Long Range Matches, cartridge or muzzleloader.
Contact: Bob Stottler 307-431-8434.

•Bethune, SK
Bethune Pasture Cartridge Rifle Shooters.
Canadian Shiloh Invitational, Scope and Iron Sight. NRA rules and classifications apply. For more information Contact Leo Bumphrey at 306- 522-8760 E-mail: or Paul Lawrence at 306-746-4450

•Kamloops, B.C.
Heffley Creek Gun Club
BPCR Silhouette and Long Range Gong Match (4-day match)- June 19-22. For more information contact Neil at 250-579-9718 e-mail:

•Ottawa, ON
Dominion of Canada Rifle Association National Black Powder Championship
Connaught Range and Primary Training Center, August 14-16. Matches from 200 to 900 meters, team matches, open to muzzle loading, scoped, and cartridge rifles.
For further information contact- Dominion of Canada Rifle Association, 45 Shirley Boulevard, Nepean, ON K2K 2W6,CANADA. tel- 613-829-8281 fax- 613-829-0099, E-mail: Chris Jones at or black_powder.php

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